Finding Rare Coins In Everyday Circulation In Your Own Town

If you are just starting the exciting hobby of collecting rare coins, you may wonder if there are areas in your own hometown where you can find treasures to add to your coin collection book. Finding coins in circulation can be a fun way to obtain new pieces without the need to go to a coin dealer to get them. Here are some spots where you should keep your eyes open in an attempt to find a coin that holds value.

Local Banks

Many people collect change at home and roll it themselves to take to the bank to exchange for paper money. Consider doing just the opposite as these people and exchange dollars for rolls of coins. When coins are rolled by someone uninterested in coin collecting themselves, they may add valuable pieces in rolls that have been taken to the bank for an exchange. Exchange paper money for several rolls and check over each coin closely so see if any rare ones were slipped into the mix.

Vending Machines

When people put money into a vending machine to get a drink or snack, they might not pay close attention to the year or type of the coins they put inside. The next time you want to have a beverage or snack yourself, forego putting coins into the machine and use paper money so you will be given change. This way, you may be able to grab a rare coin and a tasty treat all in one trip.

Give-A-Coin Dishes

Sometimes diners, restaurants, and convenience stores will place a small dish by the cash register with a sign indicating "Give A Coin, Take A Coin." This convenience is offered for those who don't carry around spare change. People place their change in the tray to assist those who might not have change themselves. The next time you frequent an area with one of these helpful dishes, eye the contents to see if there are any rare coins present. If you find one, ask the cashier if you could trade a regular coin for one you see in the dish. 

Coin Counting Machines

Some groceries stores and banks carry coin counting machines for customer use. People place their collected coins into the machine in exchange for a receipt indicating the amount they had placed inside, minus a service fee in some cases. They can bring this to a service counter in exchange for paper money. Rare coins or coins from other countries will often be rejected from this machine, ending up in a collection bin for the customer to remove. Some people forget to check this bin, leaving behind the cream of the crop in coins for collecting. Contact a company like Rocky Mountain Coin Inc for more information.