How To Make Sure Your Online Banking Account Is Secure

Online banking through your bank's website is one of the most convenient and easiest ways to access your bank accounts. However, some people are hesitant about accessing accounts through the internet because they believe their account details will be stolen. If this is a concern of yours, then keep reading to learn about some online banking tips that will keep your bank account safe.

Make Sure Passwords Are Secure 

You will have the opportunity to create a password for your online banking account when you first set it up. You will want to make sure this password is as secure as possible. Do not reuse a password you have used elsewhere and also try not to use combinations of name and dates. For example, your pet's name, anniversary date, and the name of your street should all be avoided in the password. These things may be easy to guess if an individual knows you and tries to access your bank account. 

You also will want to create a long password with numbers, letters, and a combination of upper and lowercase characters. These types of passwords are needed to block password cracking software. This software will basically guess your password until it finds the right one. Programs do this very quickly and can crack a simple password within minutes or hours.

The best passwords to protect yourself from cracking programs are long phrases or sentences with some unique characters thrown in. These types of passwords are often easy to remember as well. For example, "I love Blackberry piE$" is a good password and it will be easier to remember than a random number and letter combination that will not be nearly as secure. 

Use Secured Wireless Locations

Many people have their own wireless internet connections at home, and they typically have access to the WiFi at certain restaurants and stores. If you are used to checking your mail on your phone while sitting at your local coffee shop, then you may access your bank account as well. This is a mistake if you are connected to the business's WiFi. Public wireless connections are not secure, and other people may be able to access your bank account information.

To reduce security concerns, make sure to place a password lock on your home wireless internet and access your bank account from your home computer only. If you want to check your account information on your phone, then use your cellular data plan instead of a local WiFi network. Cellular data networks are more secure than wireless internet connections. This is even more likely the case if you have a newer cell phone that utilizes a more updated data transfer technology.