How Is A Bond Clerk Different From A Bond Agent?

When you are planning on bailing someone out of jail, you may turn to a bail bond service if you do not have the money necessary to post the full bail amount. When you are working with a bail bond agency, you might come in contact with a bond clerk instead of a bail bond agent. 

Bail Bond Agents

A bail bond agent is licensed by the state and receives a license number that they must provide when bailing someone out of jail. However, the bail bond agent is often very busy and it is more affordable to hire bond clerks to assist them. However, you will be working with both a bail bond agent and possibly a bond clerk when you contact the office for help.

Bail Bond Clerks

A bail bond clerk is not able to complete the task of the bond filing. However, they will often be the first person you come in contact with when you call a bail bond service. You will be more likely to encounter a bail bond clerk when you call the bail bond office after hours or on the holidays. 

However, the process of bailing someone out of jail can take a long time because you will need to fill out paperwork and will need to be informed about the payment arrangements that are available. When the bail bond agent is able to bail your loved one out of prison, they will be able to do it much more quickly. The bail clerk will make sure that the paperwork does not have any errors that would lead to delays. 

When to Ask to Speak to an Agent

The agent is more likely to have years of experience and specialized training and will be able to help you with issues related to money. For example, you might wish to put up a personal possession as collateral for the bail amount such as the deed to your house. A bail bond agent will be better able to explain your options and provide you with advice.

Once your loved one has been bailed out of jail, they will need to attend court on the scheduled date. If you are concerned that your loved one will skip bail, contact the bail bond agent as soon as possible. This will give you more control over what happens next and what your options are. Call an agency to learn more.